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Purchasing Modules

Purchase Request

Generate, analyze and maintain all your purchase requests for your organization.


Save all the information and contacts of your customers, you can also generate purchase requests for them.


Keep all the information, roles and access to the application of your account users. You can create Executives, Managers, Purchase Agent, Receiver and Contacts roles.


Register all the deliveries that are made of your purchases, linked by items and purchases.


Save all the information and contacts of your vendors, where you can add them when creating purchases.

Purchase Report

You can generate a report to print or save in PDF of your purchase request detailing it by vendor information, Items, shipping price, subtotal and total.


Add your items / categories of purchases detailing it by type and subtype of each one to have a quick search when creating items.

Manager Access Control

This module allows the addition of a manager by department for the approval of purchase requests, you also have the option of adding a user as manager up to 5 times for different departments if necessary.


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The Purchase Request app helps you to manage internal requests that come from every department inside your company