Pro Plan Monthly

$30.00 / month for 12 months

Customer Support

 As a Maverit member, you will have the ability to contact us via phone, chat, email or our Maverit Customer Portal (MCP). 

Through the MCP you will have access to information concerning your covered PC’s, Workstations, Laptops and Servers. 

You may submit service requests on the portal and track all work that is requested, in progress and completed.

Remote Monitoring Services

As part of each Service Plan, we will monitor PC’s, Workstations, Laptops or Servers covered in the plan for issues or potential problems to avoid the expense and inconvenience associated with system outages.

PC Optimization

As part of the Service Plan, we will perform optimization as needed to maintain the maximum efficiency and system health.

Remote Support hours

Our Standard Support Hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM (CT)  24 x 7 support is available at a minimal monthly rate.

On-Site Support

The Maverit Plus anThe Maverit Plus and Pro Plans provide discounted hourly rates for on-site support.d Pro Plans


Basic Anti-virus protection and monitoring is provided as part of the Maverit Value Plans. 

Pro-level Anti-Virus / Malware monitoring and protection is available as an “Add-On Product” for an additional monthly fee.

Backups and Backups Verification

 A basic level Backup Service of “Documents Only” is available at no additional cost on the Plus and Pro Plans.

Backup Verification is a service that is included in the Pro Plan, which involves restoration from backups on a regular basis.

Additional Backup Services are provided as an “Add-On Product” for an additional monthly fee.  These may be configured based on your requirements (i.e. PC or Server, Backup drive space required, need for regular “Archival” copies.)