Database Solutions

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Creation of Database around your business

  • Handle all server administration and maintenance.

  • Provide solutions to improve reliability and failover capability so that your business continues to function, even when disaster strikes.

  • Perform preventive maintenance of equipment.

  • Update hardware and software to stay on top of changing technology.

Business & Data Analytics

Design and creation of data models and reporting to transform your data into usable information. Includes data analysis and predictive modeling, as required.

Data Conversion & Cleanup

  • Conversion of data from one format / model to another and import into your database application.

  • Data extracts, including transformation, as needed.

  • Rules based Cleanup / de-duping of data.

Market Research

Design and creation of a market research plan around the needs of your business. Includes, but not limited to tools / models to be used for customer acquisition and retention.

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