MaverIT Computer Repair

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Software Installation

Starting at

$20 per software upload
Software Install / Trooubleshoot
Data Transfer

Starting at

$20 at Gig of data transferred
Transfer data to Drive, Change of Drive needed
Diagnostic Testing
A complete PC diagnostic testing, to provide an in-depth report of the current health of your computer and estimated life expectancy
Virus Removal

Starting at

Full scanning for Virus,, Adware, Malware , Worms
Operating System Update
$50 plus cost of the new OS system software
Operating System Refresh
$100 Includes re-installing same software as current
PC/Laptop Repair

Starting at

Hard drive, RAM, keyboard, or more
Complete Tune up/Repair

Starting at

When your computer is running slow, most of the time you just need to diagnostic testing ad a tune up.
Laptop Desktop Screen Replacement


$150 - $200 based on price of screen from manufacturer
RAM, video card, power supply or more

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